What our satisfied clients have to say:

What are satisfied clients have to say:

“I still cannot believe how fast Kelly from MRI Recruiting got us our DNS. She is already with our facility for over 7 years, since we hired her – and everyone in the Administrative team as well as  the nursing team is happy with her. I am so glad we chose MRI Recruiting as our “go-to” recruiting firm. It is truly worth our while. They pre-screen all of the candidates, coordinate the interviews and ensure to supply us only with the top talent!” – Mark Hollis (SNF Corporate Administrator)


MRI Recruiting works for our facility. From a business perspective, we are all about streamlining with the right professionals. They never disappoint us with their speed and personal touch. They just get it! They listen to our job orders and know our needs well. We regularly outsource with three other recruiting firms and somehow, MRI Recruiting always delivers the fastest of them all! It would be a waste of our time and money to try to do it ourselves. Our job here at ******************** (facility’s name protected) is to ensure our patients and residents are thriving, productive, safe and happy. By working hand in hand with MRI Recruiting, we can focus on our goal and provide the best care to our patients and residents. It also helps on a personal level that Kelly is an absolute pleasure to deal with.” – Chris Thompson (Hospital HR Director)